What is Network X?

Experience, learn and connect with the telco industry

The convergence of fixed and mobile networks is opening new opportunities, and the market needs a new type of ecosystem event. Network X is combining 5G World, Broadband World Forum and the newly launched Telco Cloud to bring together fixed and mobile markets in one place, taking place in person this 24 - 26 October in Paris.

The migration of core network functions to the cloud means that new players are entering the market. This will offer open networking technologies with the promise of greater automation, enhanced customer experience and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). This is where Telco Cloud comes in. This event will showcase these new vendors, their technologies and their case for a new approach.

The conference program combines 3 events under one roof, as well as over-arching telco super themes. With over 350 expert speakers and 300 exhibitors, you will be alongside telco and tech giants, start-ups and innovators.

With the insights of the world’s leading analyst house, Omdia, the support of the leading tech vendors and global operators, and the support of Informa Tech media brands Telecoms.com and Light Reading, we’re excited to bring to market a brand-new genre of event.

Network X Broadband World Forum
Chris Lycett, Network X Director

Chris Lycett
Portfolio Manager, Network X

Sam Oakley, Network X Director

Sam Oakley
Senior Director, Events, Service Provider

"I can recommend BBWF to all companies active in the broadband sector. It is a place where you meet the experts on different topics, do business with potential customers or if you want to hear all about the future trends, it’s all combined under one roof at BBWF”

Co-Founder and MD, Fiber Carrier Association

"After 2 years of restrictions, I am very happy to be part of the Network X conference – 3 great topics concentrated into 3 days of sharing almost 3 years of technological innovations. What else then Broadband, 5G and Telco cloud is driving changes in the digital society?  These are exactly the areas I see as the key in our commercial proposition."

Director, Product & Innovation, O2 Czech Republic

“Network X is now taking over BBWF, its enlarged scope shows an promising dynamic making us confident to reach and even overcome the quality and density of discussions we already had within BBWF."

VP Wireline Networks & Infrastructure, Orange

"COVID-19 has changed the way we communicate and interact. With changing times it is inevitable to keep up to date with the technological advancements. Events like 5G World are playing their part in ensuring technologist around the world are brought under one umbrella for interactive sessions and networking."

Head of Network Virtualization, Telenor Pakistan

"I am super excited to join NetworkX 2022 – a whole conference dedicated to the holy grail of Telco in the 21st century: Convergence."

Senior Technical Product Manager Connectivity & ML, Deutsche Telekom


Broadband World Forum

Fibre roll-out pace expected to further pick up in 2022 with more than 60% of European households expected to have access to full-fibre internet by the end of the year.

Whilst FTTH gigabit connectivity is well on its way, the real opportunity for service providers lies in reusing next-gen PON networks. Additional non-residential revenue opportunities include SMEs, smart cities, xHaul, and campuses.

Broadband World Forum 2022 will comprehensively cover the strategic opportunities for service providers across next-gen PON rollout, services, in-home connectivity, the connected smart home and more.

5G World

5G networks will cover 40% of the world by 2024, handling 25% of all mobile traffic data.

The exciting new revenue opportunities for service providers however lie across every aspect of the enterprise. Enabled by 5G, enterprises can deliver immersive experiences, distribute content, enhance productivity, launch new products and more thanks to analytics, machine-learning and edge-based cloud services.

5G World will give end-to-end coverage of the 5G-enabled opportunities and bring you insights, case studies, standards and the experts who are involved in these new business models and approaches on the day-to-day.

Telco Cloud

Starting from an estimated $35bn in 2020, the combined market for global SDN and NFV investment is projected to reach $67bn in 2025, and 2021 saw the conversation shift from SDN and NFV to full—scale Telco Cloud

Cloud-native architectures are now in production, migration to cloud-native functions have been accelerated and there is a continual growth in partnerships between telecom heavy-hitters and the leading cloud providers.

Whilst the proposed benefits of Telco Cloud are consistent from years gone by, so are the challenges.

Cost savings, network agility, and new services for revenue generation directly correlate with the 5G and fibre service opportunities for service providers, but these can only be realised with financing, multivendor interoperability and plugging the skills shortage.

The introduction of Telco Cloud 2022 will address this and more.

Network X Key themes

"Breadth of speakers, biggest of names from the industry globally, content and experiences from around the globe, all under one platform and organized to perfection.”

- Director of Brand Strategy and Planning, Zain

“This is the most reliable professional resource on 5G”

- President, The Foundation for Sustainable Communities

“I found the format worked very well and in terms of balancing business commitments with conference participation I found this worked really well. I like the idea of being able to revisit the presentations and conference material for another few days.”  

- Converged Voice Specialist, Liberty Latin America

Telco Cloud at Network X
Telco Cloud at Network X