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8 - 10 October 2024
Paris Expo Porte de VersaillesParis, France

World Broadband Association (WBBA)


The World Broadband Association (WBBA) is a global, member-led organization that serves as the collective voice for the broadband industry. Established in July 2021, the WBBA brings together cloud and broadband industry stakeholders to address and drive forward shared goals. With a mission to close the digital divide and maximize the social, environmental, and economic benefits of digital broadband equality worldwide, the WBBA is dedicated to ensuring connectivity for all.

One of the key activities of the WBBA is organizing frequent events that serve as platforms for industry experts to come together, discuss pressing issues, and share innovative solutions. The organization mobilizes four working groups annually, each focusing on specific topics, to produce whitepapers that address industry challenges and provide actionable insights and recommendations. These working groups serve as pillars of knowledge and thought leadership within the broadband industry.

At WBBA events, industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders gather to foster collaboration, share insights, and drive positive change. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, including thought leaders and policymakers, the WBBA creates an environment that encourages the exchange of ideas, the formation of partnerships, and progress toward a more connected and inclusive future.