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Communication service providers (CSPs) are under intense pressure to turn themselves into digital service providers, and to achieve this they are pursuing digital transformation strategies. One of the key elements of digital transformation is the move from the legacy infrastructure to the cloud-based systems to unlock new opportunities and provide more agile solutions.

To help CSPs with that, Network X will provide detailed information not only on technological aspects, but also on strategy development, implementation challenges and monetisation options.

Calculating the benefits of cloudification - what is the future telco business model?

Managing the transformation process – what are the success metrics?

Launching new services using the cloud – what can telcos offer to customers?

Keeping your network safe – what are the security challenges of moving to the cloud?

Must-see agenda sessions

Telco Cloud Keynote:

Developing cloud transformation strategy: balancing the investments

Track - Telco Cloud Transformation:

Telco business support system, digital transformation and the role of the cloud

Telco Cloud Keynote:

Key technology business assets Telcos should focus on to become Techcos

Track - Telco Cloud Transformation:

Monetising telco cloud transformation

Joined by Aayush Bhatnagar, Senior Vice President, Jio

Speakers to have on your radar...


Michal Sewera, Cloud native 5G Engineering and DevOps leader, Deutsche Telekom Poland


Aayush Bhatnagar, Senior Vice President, Jio


Kris Szaniawski, Research Director, Omdia


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Digital transformation

Cloud platform architecture

Network Architecture Access


Network optimisation

AI and Automation