Sustainability at Network X and Informa Tech

Sustainability is at the heart of Network X, from creating a positive environment to creating a safe space for all. These efforts are ongoing and evolving, and the commitment to these values from the venue, the attendees, our sponsors and partners are critical.


Sustainability at Informa Tech has five key elements: people, communities, environment, customers, and governance. Being an ethical, sustainable business is central to how we behave, how we make decisions, and how we do business every day. At Informa Tech, our evolution of producing sustainable events is fueled by insight, innovation, and collaboration. We are proud of our commitment to having a positive environmental and social impact on both the communities and industries we work within.

Network X powered by Renewable Energy

We are pleased to announce that as part of our continued commitment to the sustainability of our event, this year we made the switch to 100% renewable electricity. This means our electricity usage at the event is carbon neutral and therefore significantly reduces the event’s carbon impact


Sustainability initiatives at Network X

Energy consumption

Throughout the event we use energy-efficient lighting, as well as smart meters and sensors. Central cooling runs via electricity and district heating is mostly used by the venue; Any residual heat is used via the city grid. Where gas is used, it is 100% green gas.

Water consumption

All attendees are encouraged to bring reusable water bottles and water stations will be available. Sensors and aerators are installed to minimise water consumption.

Food and beverage

Network X provides food made from sustainable and fresh ingredients from dairy farms in the Amsterdam area, as well as organic vegetables and herbs grown in the venue’s vertical greenhouse. No red meat will be served during the event. A 'too good to go' collection point will be onsite and leftovers will be donated to the Salvation Army. No single-use plastic straws will be offered at the venue.

Event content focused on sustainable initiatives

Network X expert speakers will be addressing the impact of telecoms on the environment, as well as the need for the industry to become more inclusive and diverse. More specifically our Headliners Stage, partner workshops, conference tracks and future vision summits will address best practice for telcos looking to build an ESG strategy, as well as networks and services that have a positive impact on the environment (mobile/5G and fiber).

Exhibition floor

We will continue to limit the use of printed signage onsite and will use digital screens instead to minimise waste. Sustainability banners used onsite will look to encourage attendees to think about their carbon footprint. All roller banners used will be recycled. The lanyards used will be made of recycled materials.

Exhibitors and contractors

Network X exhibitors have been provided with Informa's Checklist for Exhibiting Sustainably at a Physical Event and are urged to make progress on it through continuous communication with Informa.


Network X is organising early morning runs for the event attendees. A chill and charge zone will be available to all attendees.

Women in Telecom

In our effort to support our female attendees to connect and build their own network, Network X is holding a Driving Gender Diversity in Telecoms workshop, led by international telco female CxOs who will reflect on their experiences and inspire. We are also delighted to feature a Women in Telecoms zone during the networking party, which will allow peers to connect in a relaxed environment. Our exclusive Diversity Partner, RightBrains, will also be available during the event to connect and consult attendees about improving gender diversity in the telecoms industry.

We will be announcing more details on our initiatives in the run up to the event, so keep visiting this page to stay up to date.

Health & Safety at Network X

Informa’s Health, Safety and Security (HSS) team are industry-leading experts based around the globe and supports all business lines to deliver safe and secure events – from planning to build to breakdown. The HSS team own the ‘Safety Operating Model’ within Informa which is a bespoke framework and process all event teams are trained in and follow. The team regularly conduct ‘Event Safety Assessments’ to ensure compliance and continued high safety standards.

Code of Conduct

Network X is dedicated to providing a safe space for all its attendees. Safety, security and an open, inclusive, respectful environmental with zero tolerance for misbehaviour are fundamental to the event.


Network X does not tolerate violence, mistreatment or any type of harassment towards staff, exhibitors, guest or attendees.


If you feel your or others’ safety is in question, please report directly to security on-site. You can also email the Portfolio Manager at