Ziyad AlDobaian

Radio Spectrum Planning and Regulations Specialist

Ziyad AlDobaian is currently working as a Project Manager and a Radio Spectrum Planning Specialist at CITC. He has led many CITC ambitious projects that aim to enable the broadband connectivity in the Kingdom by capturing the market spectrum needs and anticipating its future needs. He specializes in regulating the radio services and allocating the needed spectrum for these services in the Kingdom. He has led the Kingdom’s ambitious approach to open the full 6 GHz for unlicensed uses. He is contributing in the WRC-23 preparation representing the kingdom. He is currently working as the Kingdom representative in the ASMG technical working groups that focus on specific technical spectrum matters. Prior to joining CITC, Ziyad worked in Huawei as a telecom engineer where he had overseen different telecom projects and engaged with the mobile operators in the kingdom. He holds a bachelor of Electrical and Computer Engineering from Trine University, Indiana, USA.