Rene Tio

Vice President Software

René is responsible for the development and evolution of DZS’ Cloud pillar, a software product line comprising orchestration, automation, and network analytics products designed to meet the needs of DZS’s global customer base. René has over 30 years of experience in mobile and broadband data networks and has been directly involved in the successful placement of products in Tier 1 Service Providers worldwide. René has a strong track record of creating new, innovative products for fast-growing companies. Prior to his current role, René was Vice President of Product Management at RIFT, Inc., acquired in 2021 by DZS to form the DZS Cloud pillar, and Movik Networks, now part of Ribbon Communications, and Senior Director of Product Management at Starent Networks (acquired by Cisco Systems), where he was responsible for the GSM/UMTS, LTE, CDMA, and WiMAX packet core product portfolios. René has also held senior positions in product management and engineering at Redback Networks, Cisco Systems, and Nortel Networks.