Marta Wojciechowska


Learn more about Marta's role at Fiberhost in this exclusive interview with Network X >> Read the interview here Marta Wojciechowska is the CEO of Fiberhost (former INEA) - one of the leaders in the construction and management of open-access Fiber-To-The-Home infrastructure in Poland. Fiberhost as a wholesale operator focused on enabling access for service providers to the open-access network at the bitstream access level. In addition, it provides field and technical services for business partners. Currently, nearly 1 000 000 households in Poland have access to Fiberhost open networks. The company cooperates with about 100 local and nationwide service providers. Marta Wojciechowska has been associated with Fiberhost for twelve years. Previously she held the board member position responsible for all legal and regulatory matters, human capital, compliance, audit, risk management, cybersecurity, environment, health, and safety. She is an attorney at law who successfully translates comprehensive business needs into regulatory reality in an international environment. She understands the dynamics of business while being able to find the right balance between a broad view of investment and tactical management.­