JR Wilson

Vice President, Tower Strategy and Roaming

JR Wilson, Vice President, Tower Strategy & Roaming, leads operations, partnerships, and strategy for AT&T’s roaming and tower portfolios including both macro sites and small cells.  JR is also responsible for AT&T’s deployment of FirstNet across AT&T’s domestic roaming footprint and wireless merger integrations. Since 2012, JR has served as the Chairman of the Wireless Broadband Alliance.  Under JR’s leadership, the Wireless Broadband Alliance has worked passionately with ecosystem partners to make WI-FI work seamlessly, securely, and ensure it interoperates with other adjacent technologies.  In addition, under JR’s leadership, the Wireless Broadband Alliance founded and established that every June 20 be designated as World Wi-Fi Day to celebrate Wi-Fi’s role in driving affordable mobile broadband including in underserved communities around the globe.  JR also serves as an Executive Committee Member of the High-Altitude Platforms Stations (HAPS) Alliance, a multi-company, newly formed industry body focused on standardizing and marketing new technologies for high altitude communications. Previously, JR served as CEO and Chairman of Wireless Maritime Services (WMS), a joint venture of AT&T and Global Eagle Entertainment (ENT), dedicated to providing satellite-based cellular connectivity on major Cruise Lines. JR also led international partnerships and alliances for AT&T’s global Internet-of-Things (IoT) business. JR was the architect of the AT&T Global SIM that was the springboard for AT&T’s leadership in connecting IoT devices globally. JR joined AT&T Wireless Services (formerly Cingular) in 2001 and served in key roles in corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, joint venture management, international roaming and strategy, and international development. JR started his career in Seattle with Arthur Anderson, after graduating from Syracuse University. Before starting at AT&T, JR spent several years at Teledesic, a start-up founded by Craig McCaw and Bill Gates with the vision of providing global, ubiquitous, mobile broadband using advance satellite technology. JR lives and works in Atlanta, GA with his wife and three children.