Evgenii Smagin

Metaverse Investment & Partnerships
SK Telekom

Evgenii Smagin is an Investment professional focusing on Metaverse and Gaming industry who has been working in the Web3 area since 2018. His professional experience in finance and metaverse sector has helped him to acquire expertise in the fields of P2E gaming, digital assets, XR and platform building. Evgenii is the main author of “SK Telecom 5G Business Diversification. The example of Cloud Gaming” business case and has served as a judge on numerous investment events, including “K-Startup Grand Challenge 2021”, “The 2021 APEC Entrepreneurship Program”, “Plug&Play Seoul Startup Pitching Day”, etc. In 2019 he has been a part-time lecturer and “5G Business Development” project mentor at Minerva University. Evgenii is serving on the SK Telecom Accelerator Advisory Board, where he advises to early startups on financial structuring and fundraising. Evgenii has been living in Korea since 2015 and he is fluent in Korean. He holds an MBA degree from KAIST College of Business.