Daniel Danon

Managing Director
Eurofiber Cloud Infra

Daniel Danon has been active in the international telecom world for almost his entire working life. He started his career as a system architect and test engineer at NEC Telecom Modus Ltd, and after graduating at INSEAD, worked as a senior consultant at Solon and 4 years at Vodafone Hungary and worked at 10 years at Liberty Global in the Netherlands. In 2020, he joined Eurofiber, a provider of digital infrastructure which is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany as Group Director Products & Solutions. In 2021, he became Managing Director of Eurofiber Cloud Infra. Eurofiber Cloud Infra represents for partners and customers Co-Location: 6 Tier 3 datacenters across the Netherlands, 5 in France Cloud: IaaS (stretched platform, in the Netherlands and platform in France) Connectivity: DC to DC software defined connectivity across more than 80 datacenters in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as Cloud Hub, our hybrid cloud orchestration platform. Consulting: Supporting our Enterprise and Vertical partners in developing their cloud infrastructure strategy.