Benji Coetzee

EVP Growth & Change

An entrepreneur and impact evangelist by heart and a delivery accelerator by day. Benji has enjoyed a global and ambitious entrepreneurial, corporate and global career across South Africa, Switzerland, UAE and the Netherlands. She appreciates many of her polymath skills to her time spent within leading organizations such as with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Singular Group, HSBC Africa, Hollard Insurance,  and VodafoneZiggo. Benji is now the Executive Vice President of Growth and Change for KPN to grow revenues and enable sustainable change. Her entrepreneurial track record speaks for itself with successful financial exits of two entities founded in 2016 (FintechSureCargo - exit '19 to Santova BV, EmptyTrips - exit '19 to RCL Foods Remgro/ Vector),  both bootstrapped by her consultancy Seedpitch advisory. Benji continues to invest in and mentor founders via her Investment partnership with Calibre Capital. She holds two Masters degrees and continues her education in psychology.