Andrea Calvi

VP Innovation, Standardization & IPR and Portfolio

Andrea Calvi is currently  VP Innovation Standard & Product Portfolio at TIM He has 25 years experience in the field of Telecom network infrastructure, in the fields of R&D, engineering and development and consultancy. He has been participating to the design of 3G and 4G in 3GPP and involved in network evolution and technology strategy in TIM and subsidiaries. Within TIM he has been managing Engineering and Innovation in the main network areas: Mobile Access and Network Architecture, Radio Infrastructure Engineering and Innovation, Transport and IP, Fixed Broadband Access, end user devices. Technical standardization and EU finance research projects. The focus of his team is now guiding the Telco Cloud transformation through 5G and Edge Computing. They are guiding the network technology evolution for TIM with standard activities, research projects, lab proof of concept and field trials.