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Last year, the large cloud providers accelerated their entry into the telecom space and telcos that once fiercely protected their territory partnered with cloud providers for 5G service delivery.

Today, cloud providers are hosting telco IT workloads – even core network functionality – and they are allowing operators to leverage their born-in-the-cloud infrastructures to test and spin up new services so telcos can more readily participate in 5G and IoT.

To help telcos get the most out of the new reality, Network X will cover key challenges and opportunities of using the public clouds as part of their transformation strategy.

Partnering with hyperscalers - what services and tools can public clouds offer apart from scalability?

Moving from private to public cloud - security considerations

Migrating operations to the multi-cloud environment - choosing cloud providers based on the workload requirements

Avoiding vendor lock-in - does a multi-cloud strategy sort the issue?

Must-see agenda sessions

Track - Public cloud, Hybrid cloud and Multicloud:

Public vs private clouds: understanding the bottlenecks

Led by Pål Grønsund, Chief Cloud Platform Architect, Telenor

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Changing cloud providers: are we still in the vendor lock-in era?

Increasing the efficiency of hosting workloads in a multi-cloud environment

Telco Cloud Keynotes

Successful telco partnerships with hyperscalers: main barriers and best practice examples

Speakers to have on your radar...


Pal Gronsund, Chief Cloud Platform Architect, Telenor

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Joanna Newman, Global Edge Computing and 5G Principal Manager, Network Strategy & Architecture, Vodafone UK


Andreas Olah, Senior Analyst, Omdia


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