What is the Network X partner programme?

The Network X Partner Programme brings together the leading associations, non-profits and standards bodies from across the industry to deliver you technical, regulatory and strategic content in the formats of workshops and discussions.

This is the place to go to get stuck into the detail, day-to-day workings and challenges across fixed-line, wireless and networks. The content will range from regional broadband policy, best-practice interoperability standards in the home, network-level unification and technical approaches to cloud-based open networks.

The 2019 Broadband World Forum 2019 at the RAI in Amsterdam. Photo date: Tuesday, October 15, 2019. Photo: Richard Gray

What is on the Partner Programme Agenda?

iDate: Green Fibre Networks 

The Green Fibre Networks session delivered by iDate will be the perfect forum to discuss how the major stakeholders from across the optical industry can collaborate to promote green and sustainable practices, enabled by fibre networks.  

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Despite a target of commercial 6G deployments at the end of this decade, globally significant research efforts towards 6G have been ongoing for some time and requirement analysis in 3GPP is not far in the future. In 2030 and beyond, the world will face challenges and opportunities for growth and sustainability while proactively tackling the issues of green deal efficiency, digital inclusion, and protection of health and safety in a post-pandemic world. Wireless technologies are critical for our society and economy today; their importance for growth will continue to increase steadily. This panel will give a global update on the current status of actions towards 6G. 

Global Satellite Association 

GSOA has been leading the satellite industry’s position around 5G for several years. Thanks to the efforts of the Association and its members within 3GPP and other industry fora, huge steps have been taken to support the emergence of standards for NTN, paving the way for integration of satellite and terrestrial technologies. The vision of the Association is a world where policymakers improve the state of the world by continuously bridging digital, education, social, gender and economic divides across diverse geographies leveraging satellite and terrestrial technology. Important innovations and changes are taking place in the satellite sector. The GSOA sessions take a closer look at the state of play as the industry progresses along this journey. Specifically, the sessions will cover Direct Access from satellite to smart phone and Seamless connectivity and NTN. 


The vision of the NGMN Alliance is to provide impactful guidance to achieve innovative and affordable mobile telecommunication services for the end user with a particular focus on supporting 5G’s full implementation, Mastering the Route to Disaggregation, Sustainability and Green Networks, as well as 6G. 

ETSI F5G ISG Workshop 

We aim at studying the evolution of the fixed network needed to match and further enhance the benefits that 5G has brought to mobile networks and to communications, defining improvements with respect to previous solutions and the new characteristics of what represents the 5th generation fixed network. 

Our starting point is the identification of the overall characteristics of the 5th generation fixed network and the exploration of relevant scenarios and related use cases for home, business and multiple vertical industries. This will allow us performing a gap analysis to identify both enhancements to existing standards and development of new specifications where required, and further outlining the complete F5G technology landscape. 

The ambition is to open new opportunities by comprehensively applying fibre technology to various scenarios, in a sense making the paradigm of Fibre to the Home become a Fibre to Everything. 

To attain this we will address, among others, the aspects of new ODN technologies, XG(S)-PON and Wi-Fi 6 enhancements, control plane and user plane separation, smart energy efficiency, end-to-end full stack slicing, autonomous operation and management, synergy of Transport and Access Networks, adaptation of Transport Network, etc. 

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