Omdia is a global research leader that helps to connect the dots across the technology ecosystem. This year at Network X, many of Omdia's expert analysts feature on the agenda and will be bringing exciting insights and debates to the event.

Infrastructure divestiture. Public cloud. Digital transformation. Changing regulation. 6G. Enterprise. The splinternet.

"More than ever, questions are swirling the minds of service provider industry leaders. What does the successful service provider of the future look like? Is it a national utility, an agile partner in B2B, an owner of significant network infrastructure, or a brand delivering a distinct customer experience? Are your suppliers your future competitors?

With some service providers re-fashioning themselves as TechCos, and others leaning further into their network heritage, what’s clear is that market and technology development across fixed, mobile and cloud are converging to enable a number of strategic options for the service providers of today. There will never be one right answer to the questions above, but answering them in the way relevant for your stakeholders and customers requires an unprecedently amount of emerging tech and service awareness. At Network X we are bringing together the entire ecosystem of cloud providers, fixed and mobile network vendors, software players and integrators to enable you to make the most educated, informed choices as your business, and the entire industry, undergoes dramatic transformation. "

Omdia Analysts joining Network X include...