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A lot has been said about monetising 5G, both in the consumer as well as the enterprise space. While consumers are slowing picking up the service, the use cases that will make them spend the extra bucks on it, like gaming or, now, the metaverse are still developing. As for the enterprises, while private networks are getting deployed globally, there is still a long way to go for telcos to start.

Setting yourself up to capitalise on the potential Metaverse opportunity

Partnering, competing and finding your niche – where and how can Service Providers transform to capitalise on B2B service opportunities

Commercialising 5G beyond the hype; Consumers, verticals, metaverses, and beyond

Scouting new enterprise 5G use cases

5G, sport and the metaverse – How it will all come together

Addressing the consumer 5G opportunity; 5G NSA, mmWave and beyond

The Service Provider Metaverse Opportunity 

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