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Since 2020, fibre rollout in countries such as Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK has been accelerating. Driven by the growing bandwidth demands of video calls, gaming and streaming, the demand for full fibre is now.

FTTx at Network X will cover the deployment and rollout of FTTH and extend the conversation to next-gen PON services, upgrades, and market dynamics.

Next-Gen PON Strategy

10G, 25G, 50G and beyond – what is the best PON upgrade strategy for operators. Hear from the leading AltNets and Converged Operators to learn how they defined their upgrade approach.

Next-Gen PON Services

With unified access and metro networks, greater speeds and a future-proof network, what services will be enabled by Next-Gen PON and how can Service Providers best capitalise on these

Intelligent Fibre Deployment

Time and cost-efficiency are crucial for an intelligent fibre rollout, so what technologies, approaches and best-practices are in place to ensure this?

Next-Gen PON Marketplace

AltNets are driving up competition and innovation across European fibre markets, but how will this play out in the future? Find out what fibre means for all the different stakeholders and what this will mean for the marketplace in the long-term

Must-see agenda sessions

AltNet Keynote: How will the role of AltNets in national markets change over the next decade?

Led by Dana Tobak, CEO at Hyperoptic


Why broadband disaggregation has moved to the prime time

Led by Hannes Gredler, CTO at RtBrick


Executive Analyst Briefing: Leveraging cloud to deliver open access next-gen PON networks

Julie Kunstler, Chief Analyst, Broadband Access, Omdia


Partner Programme Workshops


Green Fibre Networks 

More information on this workshop coming soon!


European Gigabit Networks

More information on this workshop coming soon!

You'll meet like minded-experts involved in...

10G, 25G 50G, 100G & PON

Access architecture, engineering/ network

Fixed access

Fixed broadband extension



Network architecture

Rural broadband