Who are the Founding Partners?

Network X has worked alongside key experts in telco to ensure the event offers a balanced view of the industry, shaping the event so it closely represents the needs of the telco community.

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Meet the Founding Partners below...

Antonietta Mastroianni, Chief Digital & IT Officer, Proximus Vector

An Interview with Antoinetta Mastroianni, Chief Digital & IT Officer, Proximus

What part of Network X are you most looking forward to?

I had the pleasure to attend last year’s 5G World Summit in London which was a fantastic experience as it effectively showcased the many opportunities that are to be discovered through innovative technologies. Needless to say, I look forward to what this year’s Network X event will bring to the table.

What is your role and area of expertise at Proximus?

I'm Chief Digital and IT Officer (CDIO) at Proximus where I'm mainly responsible for providing the digital touchpoints which serve the needs of our end-users, internally and externally, and driving forward our ambitious IT transformation which will enable us to become a key integrator of products and services.

Why did you choose to become part of the Network X founding partners?

Proximus are Belgian frontrunners in bringing technologies like Fiber and 5G to the market. Deploying this technology is only a first step, now we should uncover the unlimited market opportunities that come with it. I believe in the power of partnerships to explore this potential to the fullest, and this is where Network X can play a critical role.

What do you think is the big opportunity or telcos when it comes to 5G and Fibre?

More and more opportunities will reveal themselves using 5G and Fiber and a couple of years from now, a lot of business applications will become unthinkable without these technologies. As a telco operator, we can leverage our integral part in this ecosystem to play more active role in the development of new solutions.

What are the biggest challenges of service-level convergence for telcos over the next 2-5 years?

Telco’s can play a strategic role in service-level convergence by profiling themselves as orchestrator or ‘super-integrator’. This positioning demands for a modular and simplified architecture that can easily integrate new technologies and services, but also a strong data governance and agile operating model.

Where do you see the biggest long-term service opportunity for telcos?

The biggest opportunity lies in providing an ecosystem that answers to market and customer needs. Through one connection, one identity, telco’s can offer a wide variety of truly end-to-end services to its customers. Advanced connectivity services like Fiber and 5G can be leveraged by telcos to integrate 3rd party products and services and expand their digital offering.