Sparnex Instruments

Sparnex Instruments is a spin-off of Sparnex nv who originally designed digital transmission chipsets for broadband applications, the first in 1991.
Sparnex Instruments develops, manufactures, sells and supports high-end physical layer simulators and test solutions in the Broadband industry for the Telecom Operators, the Telecom Access Equipment vendors, the chip vendors and the manufacturers worldwide. The Sparnex Instruments broadband platforms are used to certify access products according International Standards (ITU-T, IEEE, ETSI .. and others), as well as for setting the performance benchmarks of new transmission technologies. The company is actively involved in the standardization committees in order to assist Telecom Operators and Regulators to select the right access products for their network. Worlds’ unique LSX network simulation platforms that are programmable with the physical layer parameters of Telco and country specific network characteristics, is a Sparnex invention. In 2022 the company launched the Virtual Telecom Labs & Engineers services.