SK Broadband

Stand: G4


Earned the no. 1 spot in the Korean Standard Service Quality Index (KS-SQI) for its high-speed internet service for the sixth consecutive year and its IPTV service for the second consecutive year.

Launched its new kids’ service program “ZEM Kids” on “B tv cable.”

SK Broadband and T-broad merged to form a single business entity.
Launched B tv exclusive channel for Pororo content “Pororo World.”

Earned the no.1 spot in the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) for its IPTV and high-speed internet service for the tenth consecutive year.

With a mission to add new value to the customer’s daily lives,
Our SK Broadband has been constantly innovating for the past 25 years.

Starting with the world’s first high-speed Internet launch, IPTV was introduced for the first time in Korea, and SK Broadband’s change and passion for customer happiness, including AI, security, and IoT, have not stopped at any moment.

In line with the rapidly changing media environment, SK Broadband is now taking a new step.
With a strong infrastructure investment and content expansion based on an 8 million customer base, we will take a step closer to your daily life.
And we will upgrade the platform through AI and big data, and work with SK ICT families such as SK Telecom, ADT Caps, 11th Street, and Home & Service to provide services beyond your imagination.
SK Broadband will thoroughly reorganize its B TV service into “Lovely B TV” in line with customers’ expectations and standards, and become the best media platform operator that can enjoy the best content, most conveniently, anytime, anywhere.

In addition, based on transparency in management and a sense of responsibility for the social community, I would like to become a company that takes the lead in creating social values more than anyone else.
In addition, as a key telecommunications and multimedia broadcasting business operator, we will take the lead in protecting users by complying with related laws and creating a fair competitive environment with related businesses.
Through these efforts, we promise to repay your support for the 12th consecutive year of national customer satisfaction.

At the center of SK Broadband’s thinking is always ‘customer happiness’.
By providing new and differentiated experiences through the provision of various media contents and complete services, we promise that all executives and employees will do their best to ensure that your daily life is full of laughter and happiness.

Thank you.