The prpl Foundation is a collaborative community dedicated to open-source and open APIs, focusing on carrier-grade software for Broadband Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) as specified by Operator members. prpl Foundation brings together Service Providers, OEMs, system integrators, chip vendors, and application developers to harmonize home network architecture, then communize a reference implementation of standardized open-source infrastructure built atop Open-APIs. prpl enables a service delivery ecosystem including innovative third-party applications that can be quickly and easily deployed across different CPE platforms. For more information, visit:

prpl Foundation promotes:

  • Velocity by de-complexifying the process of integrating a Gateway (GW) stack onto multiple platforms.
  • Service-driven innovation by enabling proprietary differentiation from a 3rd-party services ecosystem.
  • Harmonized APIs through collaboration & convergence among member companies and other industry organizations to help companies scale up their businesses.
  • An open-source community needed to jointly coalesce the largest possible ecosystem to avoid duplication and wasted efforts.
  • Cultivating a community of knowledgeable developers to help speed deployments.

prpl Foundation is the place for Service Providers (SPs) to specify carrier-grade features for open gateways.