The Laboratoire des Applications Numeriques (LANPARK) is a unique independent laboratory specialized in conformance, interoperability and coexistence tests of devices deployed by telecom operators in the access and home networks (DSL, G-PON, Broadband-PLC, …), by DSOs in Smartgrids and smart gas & water grids networks using powerline communications (G3-PLC) or RF communications (WIZE or G3-PLC hybrid), and by the industry in video security networks (E&PoC). With many OLT brands installed in its laboratories, LANPARK also offers on-demand test services dedicated to PON network operators, addressing their needs in terms of pre-deployment qualification tests for each specific network they operate. LANPARK is one of the Broadband Forum’s Approved Test Laboratory (ATL), the unique one accredited by the Broadband Forum to conduct the worldwide recognized BBF.247 certification tests for G-PON, XG-PON and XGS-PON terminals.