Stand: G2

world’s First 5g The history of kt 5g

2015.03 MWC 2015: Declaration 5G Vision

2016.06 Released ‘PyeongChang 5G specifications(SIG)
2016.10 ‘5G First Call’ over 5G Network
2017.01 Adoption of KT 5G demo services as international standards
2017.02 MWC2017: The World’s first 5G End-to-End service
2017.06 5G World Award: Best network development
2017.10 World’s first 5G connection(successful N/W-Device-Service Connection)
5G Handover technology

As show, KT has continued to lead the industry in 5G technology development, as well as the commercialization of the 5G network
Olympic winter games PyeongChang 2018
pyeongchang 2018 with kt
KT showed the world’s first successful “5G network demo-service” at the PyeongChand 2018.

world’s first 5g Telecom
5G City: Experience a 5G City of the near future
Mission Challenge: Challenge to escape the room made up of Mixed Reality(MR)

After PyeongChang
KT will move forward beyond the world’s first 5G demo service,
To realize the World’s Best 5G service

World First, World Best 5G