The GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum recognises the important role 3GPP-based 4G-5G FWA technologies play in offering a fast, economically attractive and future-proof alternative to deploying broadband services, particularly for rural and less densely populated areas. As of June 2023, there were 54 GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum members representing the infrastructure, chipset, module and CPE value chain for FWA. 

Key outputs that form part of its industry advocacy include a 4G-5G FWA Ecosystem Catalogue of FWA devices, chipsets and modules, and an annual CPE Survey report to help the industry better estimate the real market size of the 4G-5G FWA market. In 2023, the Forum launched the FWA Ecosystem Directory with a list of devices for FWA service. Forum Partners and Members can upload their product to the directory to promote their FWA devices. In addition, plenary events featuring a wealth of speakers from mobile operators, regulatory bodies and the equipment supply industry all discussing and debating a wide range of key FWA industry topics are organised in order to promote 4G-5G FWA adoption for the benefit of citizens and businesses worldwide.