Accelleran has been a pioneer of Open Radio Access Networks since its foundation in 2013. Our software driven, OpenRAN aligned approach to RAN will bring immense benefits to the business landscape, enabling a multi-vendor RAN ecosystem that creates greater flexibility, efficiency and reduced costs for operators and private networks. Accelleran’s unique software architecture is highly portable and can be deployed in multiple configurations, from embedded eNB to distributed and virtualised RAN.

Accelleran fully embraces the concept of a fully disaggregated RAN and the architecture we implement is genuinely cloud-native.

Accelleran’s Near Real-time RAN Intelligent controller (RIC) was first launched in 2019 and is a key milestone in the transformation of the RAN network to a more open, fully interoperable, and virtualised network. Accelleran solutions are ready to be deployed and have multiple existing use cases across a multitude of industries including but not limited to: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transport, Construction.