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In recent years, the telecoms industry has come to realise the value of cloud-native applications and embracing microservices and other cloud-native technologies and principles is a top business challenge for CSPs. The difficulty comes from the lack of IT expertise in developing such applications and the legacy infrastructure, which makes any new developments costly and lengthy.

Network X will explore the opportunities cloud-native brings to the telcos and realistic solutions based on successful case studies to overcome key challenges.

Managing the transitions from legacy architecture to cloud-native - key milestones and expected quantifiable benefits

Breaking down existing IT systems into microservices - what stands in the way of cloud-native solutions?

Transition into new GitOps-based cloud-native production model - understanding skill set gap

Exploring automation possibilities - is the industry truly ready for zero-touch operations?

Must-see agenda sessions

Track - Telco Cloud Transformation

Network Cloudification Roadmap

Led by Michal Sewera, Cloud native 5G Engineering and DevOps leader, Deutsche Telekom


Track - Telco Cloud Transformation:

Implementing microservices software architecture to enhance productivity

Track - Telco Cloud Transformation:

Upskilling staff for the DevOps era

Track - Automation and AI:

Zero-touch operations: weighing up the benefits and effort

Speakers to have on your radar...


Michal Sewera, Cloud native 5G Engineering and DevOps leader, Deutsche Telekom Poland


Mostafa Essa, AI - Data Analytics Distinguished Engineer, Vodafone Egypt


Beth Cohen, Cloud Technology Strategist, Verizon


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Cloud platform architecture

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Network optimisation

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