Phil Lockett

An Interview with Phil Lockett, 5G Transformation and IOT Planning, BT

An Interview with Phil Lockett, 5G Transformation and IoT Planning, BT.
July 2022, London

Ahead of Network X at Network X this October, we got the chance to ask a few questions to the 5G Transformation and IoT Planning lead at BT.

 Phil joined BT as a graduate in Electronic Engineering and has 30 years of experience in working across network planning, capacity management, and business transformation in products, networks and IT across BT Group. His current role is leading transformation and planning for 5G Private Networks, including product launches and business improvement in Division X in BT Enterprise.  

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As you’re responsible for 5G Transformation and IoT Planning at BT, could you tell us more about your remit of responsibilities and most exciting current projects? 


In my role at BT, I work to shape our 5G Private Network and overlay technologies, such as IoT, into a set of robust and repeatable standard solutions and products, as we evolve our already proven capability in the 5G space.  

I have the privilege of working on several exciting projects, including the recently launched Digital Vision solution, and soon to be launched Immersive Spaces. Digital Vision is part of a joint offering from BT and Atos, combining BT’s leading digital connectivity with Atos’s Computer Vision Platform. It’s a field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and enables computers and systems to interpret information from digital images, videos, and other visual feeds, so they can take automated actions or make recommendations based on the information. This technology is set to revolutionise industries, including manufacturing and logistics among others. 

 With regards to Immersive Spaces, we recently created an Immersive Classroom environment, which gives a full 360˚ floor to ceiling immersive experience for a whole class of people – and this can be tailored specifically for school children, college students and adult learners alike. Using all four walls of a room, we leverage a 360-degree immersive digital projection to explain abstract and challenging concepts through a 3D model, accessible via the cloud. We are looking to expand this beyond the classroom in the coming months. Both technologies can use existing networks, but they really benefit from the bandwidth and low latency of 5G.   



You will be delivering a presentation at 5G World on Monetising the 5G investment with a little help from AI, edge and cloud services. Can you give us a preview of what your session will cover? 

 BT’s Division X works collaboratively with customers on 5G Private Networks and over-the-top solutions.  Examples include Belfast Harbour where we worked alongside Ericsson to install a 5G private network across 35 acres of operational port. The technology drives operational efficiencies and accelerates the port’s digital transformation through optimising processes across transport, logistics, supply chain and shipping, as well as boosting productivity through the smooth-running of the Port’s operations. 

 We also had an exciting project at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, where we worked with the BBC to provide a private 5G network to facilitate outside live broadcast coverage – and the first time a network like this had been deployed at an event on this scale anywhere in Europe. This was a great example of 5G meeting a very visible customer need.  

During my session we will cover the above, alongside Digital Vision and Immersive Spaces, focusing on what the collaboration has achieved and the capabilities we launched.

5G Advanced is making promises about 5G IoT use cases realisation. Do you think that 5G Advance will unlock the big dollar revenue opportunity for the telecom industry, and if yes, why and how? 

BT recently launched a new Charter to provide Enterprise customers with a springboard for growth, by fuelling innovation through greater investment in our “Division X” unit. This unit was launched earlier this year, and was established to scale up and commercialise the development of unique customer solutions incorporating components such as 5G Private Networks, IoT, and Edge Computing, amongst others. Over the next three years, the company is investing almost £100 million in this exciting part of the business.  

Part of our strategy at Division X is across 5 key areas – Digital Vision, Asset Tracking, Condition Monitoring, Security and Remote Operations.  5G Advanced will be a milestone for enabling new use cases and creating fresh business opportunities for enterprises. From our point of view, it will give the ability to support greater service-level agreements for critical operations support. It will also give rise to new and exciting products and services from companies that operate with an agile, disruptive mindset.