How can telcos leverage AI and Automation to grow revenue and improve network service quality?

Discover the best strategies to enable advanced AI and Automation at Network X 2023

Within telecoms, confidence that AI will add value to operations is on the rise, with CSPs increasing of the opinion that implementation of advanced AI and Automation will add help them to achieve their business objectives.  

Telcos are currently looking hopefully to AI and Automation to help them drive revenue growth, while also improving both network service quality and customer experience. However, access to high quality data that will enable this level of advanced AI and Automation implementation, and achieve autonomous networks, remains a challenge for telcos to overcome.  

Join us at Network X 2023 in Paris from 24-26 October to hear from headline speakers from across the global telecoms sector at the dedicated AI and Automation track. Register for Network X, where we will be exploring the latest monetisation opportunities and the latest data management strategies to underpin telco AI and Automation goals.


At Network X 2023, we will be talking about:


AI will allow telcos to achieve automation across whole functions – how can telcos leverage this to optimise networks and cut operational costs?  

Data Analysis

Access to high-quality data remains a key challenge for service providers aiming to build fully autonomous networks. How can they implement the required data analysis and management practices to support this goal? .

Autonomous Networks

Find out how programmable and autonomous networks will open up new product development and monetisation opportunities for CSPs.

"Generative AI is a future for telcos. Let's meet at Network X conference."

Deividas Mataciunas, Technical Data Analyst, Sunrise

"I want to learn about the changes shaping the future of the telecom industry. I'm interested in new business opportunities, business model evolutions and the cultural shifts that come with technological changes. I also aim to stay updated on the latest industry trends and connect with others in the field to share new ideas and best practices"

Eka Kamushadze, EVP Major Programs and Transformation, Orange Business


Colin Bannon, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), BT Business  
Philippe Ensarguet, VP of Software Engineering, Orange 
Kjeld Balmer
Kjeld Balmer, Head of Network Technology, Stofa   
Juergen Wolf-Hofer
  Juergen Wolf-Hofer, Head of Network, A1 Group 


Christoforos Sarantopoulos, Senior Analyst, Omdia

Kris Szaniawski, Research Director, Omdia

James Crawshaw, Practice Leader, Omdia

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