Discover the next evolutionary step in 5G access technology at Network X 2023

Join the 5G RAN Evolution track and learn how to capitalise on the latest in 5G access technology.

Join us at Network X 2023 in Paris from 24-26 October to discover new paths to success in the mobile network infrastructure, as global mobile infrastructure experts share the latest developments in the 5G RAN Evolution.  

Omdia data reveals that 5G is currently the only growing segment of the RAN market – with the 5G RAN market estimated to be worth US $7 billion in 1Q23, up 3.9% YoY.​ At Network X’s 5G RAN Evolution track, we will be uncovering the best technology investment strategies for telcos to monetise 5G networks and maximise the B2B opportunity.  

Register for Network X 2023 to learn about Open RAN deployments from tier 1 telcos, 5G advanced use cases from regional and national telcos and more through structured roundtables, technology demonstrations from the major RAN vendors as well as presentations and panel discussions.


At Network X 2023, we will be talking about:

Open vRAN adoption

Since the benefits of vRAN come with the drawback that it locks the operator into a single RAN vendor, join us as we debate the vRAN versus Open RAN trade off. 


The next evolutionary step in 5G technology will bring a new level of enhanced capabilities beyond connectivity, enabling better enterprise services via a wider set of advanced use cases.  

Energy efficiency

Consumer pressure coupled with global net-zero targets, means that energy efficiency is likely to become a future priority for telcos. How can 5G RAN help telcos achieve energy savings and hit company sustainability targets? 


Enrique Bianco - sq

Enrique Blanco

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Marc Ganzi
Digital Bridge

Omdia Analysts

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Remy Pascal
Principal Analyst, Mobile infrastructure


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