Discover the future of 5G Enterprise Services at Network X 2023

Find out how the global demand for enterprise connectivity services is shaping 5G network architecture

Continued telco investment into and rollout of 5G networks has opened up increased enterprise monetisation opportunities – while global demand for the highest levels of inter- and intra-business connectivity continues to rise.  

Join us at Network X 2023 in Paris from 24-26 October to discover the current challenges confronting companies, and how telcos can capitalise on the growing demand from businesses to deliver fully connected services and operations. 

During the three-day event, you will hear from tier 1 telcos and global telecoms stakeholders as we examine B2B connectivity drivers and opportunities – including the demand for new security frameworks (SASE), faster operation speeds, plus advanced analytics to improve enterprise operations.


At Network X 2023, we will be talking about:

Enterprise opportunity

What are the right products, services, and target markets to enable telcos to monetise the B2B opportunity in 5G enterprise networks?

Enterprise blockers

As enterprises work with telcos to build up the network, what are the challenges that they need to overcome?  


How can enterprises optimise within a multi-vendor environment?  



Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière
Deputy CEO
Orange Group

Yasutaka Mizutani, CMO, Colt Technology Services

Yasutaka Mizutani
Colt Technology Services

Kimmo Pentikainen

Kimmo Pentikainen
Vice President, Business Development

Omdia Analysts

Pablo Tomasi

Pablo Tomasi
Principal Analyst, Private Networks


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