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To achieve the real benefits of 5G, a 5G Standalone Core is necessary. Using cloud-native technology, deploying network functions as microservices and moving them to the edge of the network as well as using advanced automation at the end-to-end network, will satisfy the industry needs for low latency. Moreover, network slicing will radicalise how the network is monetised and use cases are deployed.

Operators opting for 5G core - will it deliver on the 5G promise?

Achieving the full potential of 5G standalone with cloud-native core – How to do it in the real world 

5G network capabilities – What is necessary for monetisation?

Slicing network neutrality – How to approach network slicing on 5G SA, considering net neutrality limitations? 

Deploying 5G standalone in the most effective way: Exploring the triggers, setting implementation steps, leveraging cloud-native and maximising partner engagements

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